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Best of Wilco Safety Policy

Safety is a top concern in the real estate profession, for our clients and for ourselves. For us at Best of Wilco, we have a policy we’ve established to make sure we aren’t putting ourselves or our clients in harm’s way unnecessarily, keeping our approach professional and valued.

First Meetings: We will meet any new clients at our office or another public place. We will not run out to a house to meet a client at a property, unless we have had that initial meeting to discuss home purchasing needs and to show the value our team can bring. Why? We want to ensure we make the most of everyone’s time. If we have a better understanding of your needs, we can satisfy them more fully. Instead of rushing out to see that one-off property, we just may have another home that better fits your needs in our back pocket to show you!

Open Houses: Prior to the open house, we encourage our clients to remove medications as well as important personal effects. We do suggest to our sellers to take pictures of their home prior to open houses to make sure everything is where it should be upon returning. Our commitment to the seller is to make sure their property is protected. During the open house, we will always bring a buddy, and will ask guests to sign in. At the conclusion of the open house, we will ensure that all windows and doors are in the locked position.

Accessing Properties: We will always use the lockbox to access the key to any home on the market, whether or not the seller or tenant is home to open the door.

Validating Prospects: To ensure that we are bringing parties together who all have the same goal in mind – executing a real estate transaction – we will ask our potential clients to complete appropriate documents for the level of engagement. By doing this, we will know that clients asking us to work on their behalf are accurately representing themselves, are qualified and ready to move forward with a purchase or sell decision – better protecting all parties involved.

Our main goal with these policies are to show our clients and potential clients the value we bring and the dedication we have, as well as prove why we are the REALTORS® to hire. We work like no other, and we look forward to showing you.

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