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Confused about Property Taxes and Rates?

I can’t tell you how many calls, texts, emails and meetings we have with clients and referrals who are completely befuddled with the property taxes and the assessment process.  You want to know, for instance:

  • How is it that assessors are considering properties located 10 miles across town feeding into different schools?
  • Why is my not-updated home being compared against completely remodeled homes?
  • How in the heck did they arrive at that tax rate?  What can be done?
  • How does new construction in the area affect me?
  • How did the assessor arrive at my land value?

Right now, Texas lawmakers are voting on CSSB2, a bill to reform the process – making it more transparent to residents how rates are adopted and why.  Here’s the link – if you so choose – reach out to your representative and be heard!  I already reached out for you….but more voices are better.  🙂


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