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Don’t Get Tagged on Facebook

Keep your whereabouts safe on Facebook by modifying your privacy settings. The default setting on Facebook allows other people to “tag” you and do a “check in” on your behalf. That means people could claim you are somewhere that you are not or attach your name to a photo without your approval. This has more implications than the obvious of people viewing unflattering photos of you.

If someone checked you in at a restaurant, that information shows up on the News Feed on Facebook, someone else reads it and realizes that you are away from home, then they might vandalize your home. This actually happened to a friend of mine while we were out one night. She was “checked in” by another friend on Facebook and we she returned home a few hours later, her house had been ransacked. The vandals stole 4 laptops, all of her jewelry, and many irreplaceable items. Fortunately her teenage children were not home at the time but the emotional impact was devastating to her entire family.

Don’t let friends “tag” you on Facebook unless you approve the “tag.” The following tutorial provides step by step information to change your privacy settings on your personal Facebook page. Once you modify this setting you friends may still “tag” you and check you in but you must “approve” the tag/check in for it to show up publicly on Facebook. If you don’t “approve” their post then it will not show up in the News Feed. Keep your activities private because posting where you are on Facebook means also potentially implying that you are not home and inviting problems.

How to Prevent People from Tagging You or Others on Facebook



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