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Getting Back to Normal


You may have seen some of the articles being circulated about a dip in home sales for the first time in the past three years (Community Impact News). I’ve been chatting with the team and clients about this very topic for about a month when I noticed that trend on the pendings and price reductions.

I think that we are going to see a slowdown. NOTE: this does not equal recession, so folks shouldn’t panic. What I think we’re going to see is a little less “go….GO….GOOOOOOO” and a little more getting back to normal. 

Some reasons for this in my opinion?:

  • July 2013 was OFF THE CHART and unsustainable. If folks extrapolate out the data and we continued at that rate – our area would be completely unaffordable very soon.
  • Inventory is loosening and buyers are feeling less pressured to react quickly. New builds are coming on the market at a more reasonable clip. Austin MLS now reports three months of inventory. A balanced market is six months, so we still have a ways to go…
  • Buyers are becoming frustrated with endless multiple offers and escalating prices. Choosing instead to “wait for the right opportunity.”
  • Sellers will now need to recognize that double digit appreciation consistently – while fun to cash out on – is not something that will continue forever, and to adjust expectations accordingly. By doing so, and pricing right, we’re still seeing multiple offers for sellers.


The net: the future remains rosy. Just not as on fire. This remains an incredible market – in both Austin proper and WilCo.

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