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How to F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K

Rules of F-A-C-E-B-O-OK

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Friend Lists – Put your friends in “lists” to post status updates to the appropriate group. Posts can be restricted for viewing by specific friends.

Account Settings – Review Account Settings & Privacy Settings. Your minimum privacy default should be “friends” but “custom” is better.

Conversation – Facebook is only effective if you are having a conversation with someone else. Talking to yourself or “selling at” someone is not.

Engagement – Think of Facebook like a cocktail party. You want to have discussions with other people in the room. Ask about them!

Be Authentic – Even over the internet people can tell when you aren’t being authentic. Be yourself. Don’t try to be a perfect version of you.

Over Sharing – Don’t post about every workout, pictures of every meal, political, religious, or controversial opinions! Keep it to yourself!

Operate in a Vacuum – Don’t operate in a vacuum. People like to talk about themselves. Make it more about them! What value can you add for them?

Kaleidoscope – Like a Kaleidoscope, Facebook is a dynamic environment. Be willing to share, change, grow, connect, and you will reap rewards.



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