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How does 2023 market look so far?

2023 came in energetically for sure! We had multiple offers on 3 properties that we had listed last year, pulled for the holidays and then re-listed the first week in January.

Did we drop the price? On 2 of them – NO! On the third, only slightly.

So what is this activity all about? We have some ideas, I’ve shared them in our video.

Meanwhile – does this mean that the market is moving back in the direction it was in 2020? I also weigh in on that for you.

We have a number of amazing listings coming up – and are networking with builders across Central Texas to bring you the best deals. Reach out if you have a specific need: investors, move up, move down, first time home buyers. We can help!

And as always, here to be of service! Remember – I am networked across the country. If you need a strong referral, vendor, contact, you name it, I can provide it or will find someone who can.

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