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School Rankings and Home Choices

Choosing a home for your family includes factors beyond the walls of the house. For buyers with children, one of the top factors is area schooling. With that said, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently published its 2014 accountability ratings for Central Texas school districts and campuses. This tool will help you understand how well districts and campuses are performing against established metrics. Look under “Lists” for a list of districts by ratings and a list of campuses by ratings. Also on this page, you may dig into how the accountability system came about and what the system measures and why.

From my point of view, school rankings certainly contribute to Texas property value, and whether we like it or not, those rankings on the backs of our kids and neighbors’ kids.  That said, I always recommend that people DO NOT rely solely on these rankings as a way to determine school performance. Instead, meet with the principals, teachers, and get to know the campus….THEN make a decision.


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