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Brad Heilman

I am writing this letter on behalf of K.C. Bumpas, Realtor for Keller Williams Realty. My wife and I were Mrs. Bumpas’ neighbors for many years. K.C. has been an amazing asset to our family. Her kindness and professionalism have exceeded any expectations one would have as a friend and a Realtor. Not only did she help my family personally, but she also was vital in selling our home.

Personally, K.C. had an integral role in assuring my stepdaughter and her children were safely removed from my house as the kitchen was fully emblazed. After ensuring that everyone was safe, K.C. took it upon herself to provide clothing to my grandchildren and much needed provisions as the fire department battled the fire. She provided comfort to my family that I was unable to provide, since I was out of town. K.C. left her family to help take care of mine, for which I will forever be grateful.

Professionally, K.C. exceeded our expectations one hundred-fold. While in the process of rebuilding, she stopped by to see the progress. We informed her that we were thinking about selling the house once it was complete, but we feared the market would be hard on us as sellers. Two other Realtors who could never close a good deal for us had discouraged us. We decided to take one last chance. K.C. agreed to be our Realtor and assist us in sellling the house. During the punch-out phase, K.C. stated that she wanted to show our house to some potential buyers. We were somewhat leery at first, because the house was not completely finished. There were quite a few details that needed to be finished. Our yard was atrocious having been a construction site for a year. We had discussed a preliminary price months earlier, but we had not made a firm decision. K.C. negotiated with the buyers and was able to sell the house for approximately $30,000 more than we had originally thought. Her expertise in market conditions as well as her attention to both sides made this sale the best experience it could possible be. Who can sell a house without putting it on the market? K.C. Bumpas can!

To say that we were satisfied with K.C. as our Realtor would be an understatement. She far exceeded any expectations we had in selling our home. She was able to do what two other Realtors had failed to do. I would recommend K.C. to any home buyer or seller. We will look no further if we decide to buy another house. K.C. is a wonderful person and an excellent Realtor. I could not imagine the process could have been any easier due to her hard work and dedication to her clients.

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