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Dorothy Whitten

Selling and buying property, especially your home, is always stressful, full of unknowns and sometimes even includes great hopes. I was faced with all of these feelings recently when I decided to sell my home in order to get into a smaller, more easily maintained home here in Georgetown. However, I had a huge advantage. I was blessed by having a good friend recommend a Real Estate Professional to assist me in this endeavor. That Professional, Kiersty Lombar of Keller Williams Realty, proved to be the best possible person to assist me with all of the forthcoming decisions.

From the very beginning, Kiersty was there advising me on the real estate market conditions, pricing, contract terms, timing, and all things having to do with getting the best possible price for my home. Since I also would be purchasing another home, she kept me informed about properties available within my price range at all times.

My home sold within three weeks of listing, after only a few showings. With her help, I was able to find just the right smaller home, and the offer I made was quickly accepted. With the sale and purchase under contract, both were closed at the same time enabling me to quickly move without too much stress involved. When possible, all contracts, etc. were handled through internet access making it simple for me to accomplish.

I want to highly recommend Kiersty Lombar as your next Real Estate Professional to handle the sale of your property. She is a delightful lady to work with, highly knowledgeable, and will be there for you from the listing to the final closing sale.

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