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101 Uses for Evernote

Forgot What I Wanted to Remember

The new year is a great time to create some new habits and get more organized. Evernote can be your option to organize all of your paper clutter and easily locate the documents you need.

  • Use Evernote to remember everything!

    Photo Credit: Flood G. via Compfight

    I am a self-professed Evernote-aholic. My short term memory seems to be worthless these days so Evernote
    is my brain backup. Anything I need to remember and easily access is
    kept in Evernote. Much to my kids chagrin I now have a note to remind me
    if they are grounded and for how long.

    Evernote is available on the web at, on my iPhone, my iPad, and is also installed on my pc
    as a program. No matter where I create the note Evernote will sync it
    to all of my devices and the web automatically. I can add photos, voice
    memos, use the iOS microphone to transcribe notes, or just do 1,2,3 and
    bullet point lists.

    If you want a brain backup or maybe just want to use less sticky
    notes, memo pads, or paper in need to get Evernote now! If
    you don’t believe me then I challenge you to read my list of 101 Uses
    for Evernote. I promise you will find ways that you too can use this
    tremendous tool. Did I mention that Evernote is FREE!

    Come back for future blogs on how to create notebooks, share notes, use Trunk apps, and backup your folders from your hard drive to Evernote.

    1.Serial numbers and codes for lockboxes
    2.Track weight loss
    3.Home buying notes
    4.Meeting notes
    5.Class notes
    6.Grocery list
    7.Backup hard drive folders
    8.Save photo of parking spot at airport
    9.List of vendors
    11.Local restaurants
    12.Tourist attraction info
    14.Business Expenses
    15.Project Management
    16.Clothes and shoe sizes
    18.Save website pages to read later
    20.Favorite wines
    21.Paint colors
    22.Sizes of filters in your house
    23.List of prescriptions
    24.Printer info for buying new ink
    25.Photos of items in your home for insurance
    26.List of goals
    27.To do lists
    28.Keep manuals for electronics
    29.Scan children’s art and report cards
    30.Save photos to show your hairstylist
    31.Sizes of windows in your house
    32.Blog or article ideas
    33.Travel itinerary
    34.Client testimonials
    35.Record audio of a meeting
    36.Take photos of homes
    38.Pictures of whiteboards with notes
    39.Router and wireless info
    40.Record dates of battery replacement in smoke detectors
    41.Login names
    42.Email server information
    43.Class schedule for your gym
    44.Automatically backup your tweets with IFTTT
    45.List gift ideas
    46.Keep a wish list for yourself
    47.List all of your CDs and DVDs
    48.Mark areas of interest on map with Skitch
    49.Create templates with KustomNote
    50.Save phone screen shots
    51.Photos of items in your home for insurance
    52.Save your favorite Podcasts
    53.Document workflow
    54.Share information with family
    55.Packing list for trips
    56.Use Hello Fax to send faxes from Evernote
    57.Keep copies of emails
    58.Write your first novel
    59.Information about people you meet with Hello
    60.Create flashcards with Study Blue
    61.Plan a garden
    62.Save copies of text messages using MySMS
    63.License plates numbers
    64.Insurance card copy
    65.Receipt tracking with Shoeboxed
    66.Scan and save everything with ScanSnap
    67.Use the microphone on iOS to transcribe notes
    68.Document car accident
    69.Filter size for fridge
    70.Save copies of birth certificates
    71.List of important dates
    72.Bucket List
    73.Decorating ideas
    74.Layout of your backyard paradise
    75.List of books to read
    76.Wedding planning
    77.Birthday party planning
    78.Save articles for reference
    79.Marketing checklist
    80.Useful website links
    81.List of favorite movies
    82.Notes on house remodeling
    83.Favorite restaurant menus
    84.Inventory of household goods
    85.Moving checklist
    86.Flight e tickets
    87.Favorite quotes
    88.List of contractors
    89.Email templates
    90.Tracking party RSVPs
    91.List of phone numbers for your credit cards
    92.Room dimensions for decorating
    93.Track toll tag usage
    94.Children or pet vaccinations
    95.Retain reservation confirmations for hotels/air
    96.Directions to friend’s house
    97.Name of favorite waitperson at restaurant
    98.Color/brand of clothing, makeup, shoes, etc…
    100.Keep this list of 101 Uses for Evernote
    101.Anything you need to remember!
    List created by Nicole Boynton – The Go-to Geek


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