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You Must Do These 3 Things on LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the most popular social networks for professional networking. According to stats on, Executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies are represented on their site. (

In order to stay relevant, you must stay top of mind with your sphere. Linkedin provides a great way to stay top of mind and brand yourself as an expert. The key is to share useful information and personalize your profile while remaining professional. Consumers want to work with people they feel are, “like them,” and you can showcase your interests and expertise using these tips below. You don’t have sell people but rather connect with them through the information that you share.

  1. Customize your current title with a tagline
    a. Go to Profile and then Edit Profile
    b. Click to Edit Headline and click Save
    c. The tagline should maintain a professional demeanor but reflect your personality.

  2. Join 2-3 Groups and actively participate in them
    a. Search within Linkedin for groups

    b. Find things you are excited about (Your college, previous companies, non profits you are involved in, sports, or animals,etc…)

  3. Stay up to date on industry info and share with your network using Pulse

    b. Once you find an article you can share it to your Linkedin profile as a status by clicking on “Share”.


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