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New Austin-Area Drivers…Some Hints to Help You Fit In

Austin Driving Tips

With about 110 people moving to the Central Texas Metro every day – we are getting a LOT of drivers who don’t know the Texan way. And, folks, let me tell you – it’s not just your license plates that are giving away that you’re “not from here” – Mr. New York plates this morning, I’m talking to you…. Thought that I’d give you new area transplants some help to fit in while traveling on Texas roads:

  • When someone does ANYTHING nice for you on the roads…you WAVE and SMILE. Doesn’t matter how big or small.
  • When you are at a four-way stop – particularly true in Williamson County – it’s highly likely that the gentlemen will let the ladies go first. Waving them on. I know – this is not proper traffic etiquette, but chivalry still lives here in Central Texas. Ladies, when this happens, WAVE and SMILE.
  • When folks are trying to merge onto the highway – we wait our turn. We do not put the pedal to the metal to cut to the front of all of our Central Texas neighbors. And when the right of way traffic makes way for you to merge onto the highway, WAVE and SMILE.
  • With that in mind, when someone is merging into traffic, don’t speed up and not let them in. We all need to be somewhere. Most likely, when you let that person in, they will — wait for it — WAVE and SMILE! Give a wave back and you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling.
  • If you get cut off – or someone does something not-so-smart – we try not to rage. It may have been unintentional. When you pass them – WAVE and SMILE.
  • Williamson County Specific: When someone is sitting in front of you at a red light working on their phone (ok, probably checking facebook), you may just miss the light. We hate to honk. If you just HAVE to honk and can’t hold yourself back, please do a couple of light beeps, otherwise it just seems so rude. We’re all human, after all. If you are provided this “red light courtesy,” you guessed it….WAVE and SMILE at those who didn’t call you out.
  • When you are driving through a neighborhood, folks walking their dogs or just out for a stroll will likely WAVE and SMILE. Return the courtesy – whether they’re your neighbors or not.
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