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45 Seconds from Getting Hacked on Facebook

Have you ever read something on a friend’s Facebook and thought, “What the heck?” Often times those WTH moments are because your friend’s account was hacked and someone is posting to his or her page without your friend’s consent or knowledge. This just happened to one of my Facebook friends.

During our Facebook lifetime we allow access to many different programs or apps. It starts harmlessly when you decided to try out Farmville or Candy Crush or want to share your Instagram pictures but it could later become very harmful. When we allow apps and programs access to our Facebook page we are often granting them access to our photos, our posts, our contacts, and even to post on our behalf! We don’t take the time to read any Terms of Use and instead just click, “Accept!” without a second thought. Hackers use our impatience to gain control of our accounts.

The video below shows you how to very quickly and easily remove apps from your Facebook account. You are strongly encouraged to watch this short video and then clean up your list of apps! You may be very surprised at what has access to your entire Facebook account. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends.



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