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Hellooooo Colder Weather. We’ve Missed You.

We have reached that point, folks. The tipping point between the weather we looooooove so much and saying goodbye to the blazing hot summer. You have to wear layers, yes. You will be confused a little — short sleeves or long? Cold in the morning, a bit sweaty by afternoon. But, this means that we are bidding adieu to our friend (and sometimes arch nemesis) summer. We love you, summer, but it’s time to take a break. It’s not you, it’s me. Nevermind, it’s you.

So, we will force the situation and pull on those fall boots that really only should see the light of day for two to three months here in WilCo (if that), but, gosh darnnit, we just want to get more mileage out of them! It is time to sit on the porch in the morning sipping hot pumpkin spice lattes with a hoodie on or fashionable scarf, whichever. It is time to decorate with gourds, gourds and more GOURDS, and get out the rake for some leaf piles!

But seriously, what sounds like the most fun is getting out and enjoying nature and the lack of oppressive heat morning to sundown. If you are interested in doing just that, you might enjoy checking out the great bike trail in Georgetown or the miles of hikeable (is hikeable even a word?) land around Lake Georgetown. 28 miles, in fact! Or, one of the many hike and bike trails around WilCo. Here are some links to help you explore some of the parks and trails around WilCo:


Georgetown Biking Trails Map

The Good Water loop of the San Gabriel River Trail at Lake Georgetown

Cottonwood Trail in Hutto

Hutto Lake Park Trails

Brushy Creek Trail Map

Lake Creek Trail Map

Round Rock Parks and Trails Map

Pflugerville Trails Map


Georgetown parks

Leander parks

Hutto parks

Cedar Park parks

Round Rock parks

Pflugerville parks

See ya outside!

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