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Inspired by The One Thing

Hi! Kiersty here. I went to The ONE Thing seminar this past Monday night. The ONE Thing is a book written by Keller Williams co-founder Gary Keller and his co-author Jay Papasan. Admittedly, I didn’t stay to the bitter end, but I caught the important pieces. Anyway, what was really thought provoking to me was how truly splintered we are. How we have so many things, details, people, requests, wants, input, advertising, email, requirements, phone calls, appointments, texts….etc…etc…flying at us each day. I had just become used to it, oblivious to the noise and accepted it as the norm.

But is this how we set ourselves up for success every day? In the long run? Can we keep pace? Are we even able to determine the answer to those questions when so much is asked of us every single day?

I’ve always “prioritized” and created my long list that gets done each day. But, have I been truly PRIORITIZING or just creating a somewhat meaningless check list? 

I came to the office Tuesday and thought about where I want to go…who I want to be…for my family, for my clients, for my team, etc. I refocused and am beginning a process of re-structuring how I think and do. For instance, when I got to the office, I opened my email, responded to those that required response, and then shut it down and silenced my phone. After getting two solid hours of work done, I checked both, and then put them away again.

Just with that simple trick and putting in my mind what my priorities are, I had a really productive day. No shiny object to chase. No wasting time.

I had to share this little nugget of my life. I think we all have these types of issues of balance, what is urgent, what is noise, and the list goes on. We just have to allow ourselves the time to figure out how we prioritize, to actually prioritize and then put thoughts into practice. I’m going to keep working at it, because this past Tuesday was awesome. 

I will now hop off my soapbox. 


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