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National HOA Database

To HOA or not to HOA?  That’s the dilemma.


Some love them – as they feel that folks won’t make the right decision without someone telling them the rules.  Or enforcing the rules.


Others hate them – as they feel that folks should be able to make the decisions they want to with their property, without some pseudo-elected group telling them what to do.


As a real estate professional, I can see both sides.  And trust me, I have.  That said, when clients want to purchase in a neighborhood that has an HOA – the documentation and regulations that govern the neighborhood can be really hard to come by.  Heard about this: The National HOA Database.  Interesting concept – it’s rolling out in a couple of states in early 2017 – we’ll see if it has legs.  I can tell you this: would be nice to be able to go to one place and pull the information we needed without having to Easter egg hunt it.


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