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Sami and Flo Khan

Even before we put the house on the market Kiersty came over and did a walk through of our home and told us the things we needed to do in order to make sure the home was “show” ready. We listened and did everything she suggested and boy was she right!  Our house was on the market for just a few short days before we had multiple offers.  Kiersty was able to hold our hand through the process and advise at each step. Even when our situation changed and we needed more flexibility on our move out date, Kiersty was a step ahead and able to negotiate everything we needed. She was patient with our needs and very attentive.  She did everything to take the stress out of our hands and handle it herself.  We are happy with how fast our house sold, as well as how easy she made the process with the buyers.  It was really nice being able to sell our home and not have a bad taste in our mouth about any of the process. Kudos to Kiersty and her team for making it happen smoothly. Kiersty even showed up to our closing to make sure all the details were correct and answer any questions we could have last minute.  Kiersty– Thank you for working on your vacation, and for taking our calls and emails and responding and taking care of business.

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