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Shahreen & Jeremy Newton

Kiersty Lombar – THE Realtor that everyone dreams of!

We have had the BEST experience imaginable with Kiersty Lombar as our Realtor, and we highly recommend anyone to Kiersty if you’re looking for a great home buying experience.

Kiersty is a well-seasoned professional who knows all the real estate ins and outs of pretty much every part of Austin and its surrounding communities. She’s insightful, extremely knowledgeable, the consummate professional, and super-efficient. She has amazing intuition about real estate and she has just plain good common sense about practical living – something that’s critical when you’re faced with the daunting task of finding the right house for your family. And yet Kiersty is very respectful and let us have enough time to feel things out and talk things out with her, instead of telling us what we want to hear. She is kind and reassuring and an excellent communicator; she knows when to speak up just as well as she knows when to hold back and let us think. No wonder the local TV news stations regularly interview her to discuss what’s going on in the Austin real estate market – she pretty much knows it all and can explain it to you in clear, effective language.

We were first-time home buyers and we have a busy life with jobs and two small children. Kiersty did everything she could to make the house hunt experience as easy and streamlined as possible for us. She spent a good amount of time educating us so we could find out what our own priorities really were. She was extraordinarily patient when we needed to make big decisions, and she never made us feel uncomfortable, even when we changed our minds on some of those big decisions!

We were especially lucky that Kiersty has so many years of experience in the real estate market. The house we finally fell in love with was being sold by a relocation company but the original owners were also a part of the sales transaction – it was a very complicated situation with lots of extra paperwork and hoops to jump through. In fact, the seller’s Realtor had zero experience in this kind of a sale. So Kiersty literally took over and hand-held the seller’s Realtor through the entire process. She did the work of two Realtors! Without a single complaint and with the utmost professionalism.

Because we were looking in a neighborhood where houses go under contract within hours of being posted, sometimes we had to react immediately on potential houses. Kiersty regularly drove all the way across town to make sure we didn’t miss out on a hot opportunity. It made us feel like no matter what, we were going to get the best deal on a house because we had the Realtor who was completely on top of things. As a result, we ended up in the house of our dreams, the one that’s perfect for us in every way, including our pocketbook.

Kiersty has assembled a team of reliable professionals to support us in all aspects of the home buying process – mortgage lender, insurance, home inspector, you name it. Whenever we needed a recommendation for anything, Kiersty had someone perfect for the job. She is such a great judge of character. How easy even the most difficult decisions become when you know you are working with someone you can totally trust!

Through and through, we have been completely satisfied with our home buying experience, and we owe it all to Kiersty Lombar.

Shahreen & Jeremy Newton


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