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Joel Geesaman

Ok, where do I begin. First off, my situation was very complicated, and Kiersty Lombar handled it exceptionally well. I can’t thank her enough for the job she did! Due to some family issues I had to move my family out of Texas. We had only been in the house about a year, so we had very little equity built up in the house if any. Kiersty suggested to us that we lease the house out through a property management company. Due to the housing market at the time, we benefited more by renting it out than selling it. Kiersty helped any way she could in getting the house rented. A year later after having tenants in the house that whole time with very little problems, we had to sell it. That’s when the tenants became difficult with scheduling showings and putting the house on the market. Kiersty didn’t miss a step, she got everything straightened out with our lease agreement, and made a potentially volatile situation seem like a stepping stone. Once we had an offer on the house, things didn’t get any smoother. The potential buyer was an investor and seemed to be playing hardball, but Kiersty negotiated where she could and managed everything very professionally. Every question or concern I had, was always and immediately answered with clarity. I would start getting stressed out and have questions, and always after talking with Kiersty, I would feel at ease. I truly believe that if I hadn’t had Kiersty in my corner, watching my back, this sale would not have gone through. It definitely would not have been as easy as it turned out to be. So to Kiersty, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!

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