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Tom and Renee Baum

I would like to take a minute to brag on Kiersty Lombar. She is a total rock star.

In March of 2010 my husband was offered a job in Nashville, TN. We needed to sell our house in Round Rock, TX with the help of a corporate relocation company. We started out with a different agent from a different company. She got our house listed and that was about it. We had a few showings and one offer with a contingency that we declined. By May, our showings had slowed to a stop. Dissatisfied with the lack of attention the agent was giving our home we called the relocation company and asked for a different agent. That is when we met Kiersty.

My first impression of Kiersty was very positive. I could tell immediately that she was very knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. When I explained our situation to her she had several suggestions on how we could better market our home. Kiersty is a straight shooter- she didnt sugar coat things at all. She gave me a very realistic idea of what our home was worth in the market at that time. She also reassured me that we had done everything right as far as the repairs and upgrades we had made to prepare our home for showing. She was confident that she could find the right buyer for us. We were confident that she would give our home the time and attention that it needed. So, we packed up and went to Tennessee knowing that everything was going to be alright.

Kiersty did everything possible to get buyers in the door. In addition to the many open houses, our home was on every real estate web site available. She took beautiful pictures and people looked at them all the time. We know this because Kiersty and her amazing assistant, K.C. Bumpas, emailed us every week to tell us how many hits they got online, how many showings we had, how many homes were listed in the neighborhood and if any of them had gone under contract or sold. This weekly communication kept us informed and reminded us that our house was on their mind each week. We truly felt that Kiersty and K.C. went above and beyond to take care of our home in our absence. They took the time to go check on the house and tell us if something needed attention. They helped us find a yard service, and made sure that the work was getting done. They even put baking soda in the fridge and vacuumed the floors to keep the place looking and smelling great!

When we had offers come in, Kiersty walked us through them carefully. She was very up front and honest with us, and helped us make educated decisions. She showed great care and concern for our family, and when we finally closed the deal I know that she was just as happy as we were! For all of these reasons, I
would absolutely recommend Kiersty to anyone selling a home in the Austin area. I am forever grateful for her. She did more than just sell our house. She offered us support and peace of mind every step of the way.


Tom and Renee Baum

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