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Where are all of these people coming from? And why?

Driving down the road in Central Texas these days feels like a cheaters guide to the license plate game.  Remember when you were on a road trip with your parents and new there was NO WAY you’d get Alaska?  You never see an Alaska license plate….right?

Saw 3 last week.

In Georgetown.



What’s up with this?  Where are all of these people coming from?  And why?

Forbes may have some insight… in a recent article by Kathryn Dill states that 6 of the top ten best cities for starting a career are in Texas.  IN fact, we dominate the top three.  Our fine area is #3!:

  • #1 Irving
  • #2 Grand Prairie
  • #3 Austin
  • #5 Houston
  • #6 Corpus Christi
  • #7 Fort Worth

So that answers the why.  There’s opportunity here in Texas.  And GROWTH.

So….where are these folks coming from?  This is kind of fun to look at.  It appears the data is a little….dated…but still interesting to look at.  Check out the migration patterns across the US to Central Texas!



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